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Plus Size Dressing Tips:


·        Wear clothes that really fit. Clothes that are too small only accentuate your flaws. It doesn’t matter what size you are wearing, as long as it looks good! Clothes that are too large usually make you look bigger. Clothes that skim your body, and accentuate your assets are best.


·        Use colour to accentuate your positive elements, while darker shades help minimise the “problem” areas. It is usually most slimming to wear one line of colour, and not to break things up too much. For instance a chocolate brown camisole and pant, with a turquoise jacket works well, or you can alternatively put a turquoise camisole under the jacket if you prefer. You are still keeping a slimming line. Not to discount the slimming factor of black, but sometimes a women needs a change.


·        Make sure you balance yourself out. Many apple shaped women with thin legs that are larger on top feel that they look thinner when they wear narrow legged pants with a large top. They would in fact look slimmer with an easy fitting top and a straight leg pant. Alternatively, sometimes a pear shaped woman, with narrow shoulders, and larger hips and thighs looks more balanced and thinner with shoulder pads to balance out her shape.


·        V-neck tops are flattering for most shapes. They create a longer neck, and bring the eye down.


·        Single breasted jackets are more slimming for the plus sized women. There is less fabric, and can be worn open more easily.


·        Flat front pants are more flattering to any women. There is less fabric, and contrary to some women’s opinions, pleats accentuate a larger stomach, and add more fabric where you don’t need it. They do not minimise.


·        For plus sizes, alterations may be necessary. It is not always easy to find a garment that fits every part of you perfectly right off the rack. If there is potential, and you love the item, as long as you are not remaking it completely, alter it.


·        To create a long slim line, wear the same coloured skirt, hose and shoes.


·        Use accessories to help slim you down. A long necklace always brings the eye down and elongates. A necklace that hits your clavicle can bring more attention up to your face. A scarf can do the same. Just remember, less is more. Don’t over accessorise. One or two key pieces work better and are more interesting than too many items at once.


·        Good fitting undergarments are very important in getting your clothes to fit well, and are a worthwhile investment.

·        Don’t be afraid to try something different. It is fun to experiment with fashion, no matter what your size4 or age. Don’t get stuck in a fashion rut.


·        A-line skirts with a little bit of swing are much newer looking and more slimming than the classic straight, below the knee skirt. Don’t be afraid to try it.


·        High heels, if you wear them, are very slimming. The extra height extends your look.


·        Wear shiny fabrics only in areas that you want to accentuate. Shiny fabrics catch light, and draw attention to problem areas, while matte fabrics do not.


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The Personal Choice Brand is available in Sizes 14  to 26.